*Mediation Participants are not identified

"Ms. Ellwein's patience and professionalism helped diffuse a potentially volatile situation. Our disagreement would like have ended up in litigation without her intervention. Her ability to make both sides feel heard is likely central to this success."  George B.*

“I am an experienced multiple litigant and had absolutely no faith in mediation, nor any intention of mediating to settlement when I walked in the door. . . . Most mediations have been a complete waste of my time and I have been through many. Yesterday’s mediation was not, and the key was not the parties in the case but the ability of the mediator [Lola Ellwein] to listen and not to judge and not recommend or scare the other side, but to actually listen. Often the tactics are to try to interpret the merits of the case and say you have no case and the other side has a big case, these tactics often fail miserably. If more people were actually able to mediate, the courts would have the ability to deal with the cases where issues need to be resolved in the court systems and precedents set.”   Pamela B.*

“Both my husband and I believed that the mediator would safeguard our confidences and seek to reach a resolution acceptable and fair to us; she exceeded our expectations. She also was creative in structuring a settlement both sides felt attractive, understanding the importance of the elements other than money payments and finding acceptable approaches. Given the statements of one opposing party during the Case Management Conference where mediation was recommended and at other times to the effect that mediation was useless and the fact that said party had never in 3 or more prior lawsuits settled at mediation or even at the MSC, this mediator’s ability to make the process work was extraordinary. Her approach of listening and showing understanding, respect and sympathy we think was more effective than a lecture on the costs of litigation and the merits of our positions would have been (although we think we already grasped those elements of the situation.) In my professional capacity, I have been to many mediations and worked with many mediators. Ms. Ellwein is outstanding and we will recommend her to others.”   Marie R.*

"Great Job!!"   Kent L.*

"Thank you for helping me settle this case.  I appreciated your sensitivity to the emotional issues faced by the parties in this conflict."  Barbara S.*

"Ms. Ellwein is intelligent and kind.  She listened to my client with patience, allowing her to express herself.  she worked hard to obtain a resolution of the case."  Matthew A.*

"This very difficult and highly emotional case was settled in this mediation . . . . The mediator's sympathetic neutrality helped the parties to successfully navigate through very troubled waters to the safe harbor of a settlement."  Jim J.*


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